Thursday, November 06, 2008

The first week into Nano Heaven.

Yes, this is the first week of my writing towards 50 thousand words. I am at about 5-1/2 pages worth out of 50. a little behind the game. But I am having fun with my novel and occassional commentary on the process of writing and life.
And recovery from the hangover of 21 months of the national election process. I am glad that it is over. Yet, the job our new president Obama will have is a tough one. Tougher than organizing the community he grew up in. For the communities of the world do not have as clean or clear cut lines.
But back to my writing, I continue to bounce towards 8,000 by the end of tomorrow.

And a good way to celebrate it is to sing Happy birthday , Billy Graham for Friday marks his 90th year on earth and George Beverly Shea's 99th. Amazing what God can do with two humble vessels.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good luck as you continue.

I am confused about one thing though. How are you managing to cram 1,000 words on a page?

Scott R. Davis said...

I do that by printing it on my printer which does about 50 lines on it with 20 words across=1,000 words or so. scott

Global Nomad said...

Great to have stumbled across your most creative site. You will see from the comments below how it happened.

Praying along with you as you use your creative flair for eternal purposes.


Global Nomad said...

Thanks so much for your creative blog which has come to my notice in an unusual way.

As I have been singing songs at the beginning of the day... I appreciate this so much.... and I had the verse: "Were the whole realm of nature mine" and the tune but couldn't think of the opening line of this magnificant hymn.

Thus went onto google and so your site came up (March 07)... how about that...

Now I can sing the whole hymn....

Yes, I appreciate all your comments (in the March blog initially) and wonder if you are going to continue send out such wonderful insights and inspirations...(note now this has continued)

Thanks so much....

Kind regards,

Global Nomad

November 9, 2008 12:08 AM