Saturday, November 17, 2007

Towards the aspiration of writing full time

This month I have been participating in a national challenge for aspiring writers. It is held in the month of November and is called Nano. It is thru their web site,
I found out about through an email from a local arts council. I logged on and was intrigued of writing a novel in a month. I am doing it in third person representing myself and the many people who have made an impact on me from my parents, teachers, coaches and work associates and church members and tying the themes in a deeper way than I have so far through this blog. Yet still using the same style and use of images to convey the points of hope that I bring across the table to others.
And this novel is going to be 50, 0000 words. I am at about 23,000 so far and am a little behind from where I should be but have been catching up the last few days. Looking forward to what may come of this nenw challenge after all.

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