Thursday, November 29, 2007

I crossed the finish line

I finally crossed the finish line of my insane challenge back on November 1st to write 50 thousand words in a month. I have not done that in a long time. Not even in college with several papers to do. Mine turned out to be 50 thousand words or 60 pages single spaced. now the fun comes in with splicing the ideas together in a more organized way and to get the train moving forward. A least I got to write more than usual.
and just like participating in the big read 2007 which got me to read
" To Kill a Mockingbird."

Enclosed is an excerpt from the project.

"Words have a way of warming our hearts. These vignettes of John's tough struggles are dedicated to his parents and those who have been heroes and villians in John's life and those who had faced similar struggles around the globe. To his mom for getting into the ring and for his dad and others for being heart warmers as well.
Thread one.
Creeping. Crawling slowly toward the goal line. Slow to speak and slow to thrive. Throttling slowly up on the race of John's life.

Code Blue. Nurse, come over here. John is not responding. Breath irregular. Not moving to the light. What is up.? Better check up on him and give a good thorough work up. Yikes. Life was to become a VERY big challenge for John and his parents to hold onto. One that required the trainer to come into the ring at regular intervals to wipe up some bloody noses from the fights that went on throughout battles of bruised egos and personalities.

Minutes passed ticked slowly into hours it seemed as John's parents waited out in the waiting room of the hospital. How can we be patient and wait for what is to come. A long tough journey is ahead for all of us. They looked at each other with tissues in hand and with uncertainty hanging over them. They thought, "Now what, how are we going to handle what is coming up next?"

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Len said...

Good job scott. That's a ton of words!