Saturday, March 25, 2006

NCAA is in town

The city of Bridgeport has excitement today with the NCAA women's tournament in our city. The local People's Bank is sponsoring a sports fest for the kids giving them an opportunity to get sports equipment, safety instructions and have fun interacting with the mascots of the local sports teams. It is a big change from 6 years ago when there was no local interaction with sports which makes the the city a beacon of hope for the future.
The life of a sportsman is one of challenge. The 60 minutes takes over 2 hours, but in it is a lot of drama and excitement as the whistles blow, the sneakers squeak against the floor and calls are made quickly from the sidelines. I experienced it from the sidelines when I was active as a manager for my local high school team in the early 80's. Hanging onto the ticking of the clock overhead and the horns of the officials for replacements in the game causes a bit of anticipation for what is to come. But the excitement of seeing the organge basketball go through the hoop-swoosh and 2 points appearing afterward!!!! May the game live on and be a source of excitement for all who watch it and scream at the t.v. for why calls are made that are not agreed upon. and for the patience in awaiting the officials words on the answer to a questionable call.

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