Saturday, March 04, 2006

By Immersion

This week, our men's study discussed the act of baptism. About 20 years ago, I had that experience as I joined my church body in June of 1986. It was an immersion into a warm body of water. I was so eager to get dunked that I beat my pastor's questions and got right to the answer of YES, I accepted Christ and the work that He did for me on the cross.
Lately, I have been thinking of how beneficial it is to be immersed into life. As a result, I immersed myself into the writing of a letter to a former cell mate of one of our church members since he needed an encouragement and voice from the outside world. Being away from physical walls that enclose is easy, but we all are enclosed my walls of oursselves that are hard to oppen and find freedom from.
The spanish have a term for life which is in the feminine form, la Vida, which is a strong word evoking growth and change and almost has the rhythmn of a dance to it. The other bookend to life is the spanish word, for death, la muerte. It is between the beginning and end of our life that we can dance and flow thorough life. especially through the immersion of ourselves into the experiences of others-being a part of other lives in community through the beginning of water.
For the first 9 months of our existence, we are surrounded by water of the womb nourishing our lives from the start. Life on earth began with that key ingredient of La Agua. so let us swim through La Agua , the dance of life and the journey of time.
So remember the mundane acts of washng the dishes and reading a book or writing a note or thoughts are all ways to immerse oneself into life and not be afraid since we have God and others to hold onto and to life us out of the waters of death into life. May HIs grace be upon the reader.

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