Sunday, July 06, 2014

Our boxer with angelic wings

 This piece is dedicated to friends in our congregation who face today the 2 year anniversary of their angel's passing on earth.   A momentary fall from earthly life but an eternal entrance to glory.
 Her battle in the ring with Neiman Picks Disorder ended two short years ago.
Yet rose victorious over her battle as she lays claim to the promise of those who overcome.

The countless lives touched by her bravery and her actions.

Our boxer is Naomi Tyrell whose gentle spirit graced our church for almost 10 years.
She fought hard in her battle and never gave up until the end.

I love to regard the side apse where her family sits each Sunday morning as Namoi's corner, a gentle spot where life continues forward with her family.  It is graced by windows and light comes through them.

Hard to put into words of how struggles can affect others.
Just daily living can be difficult to face as it is easy to be drained from past memories and just a busy going here and going there.

As in any boxing ring, there are the coaches and the supporters who supply the towels and give water for the boxer to squirt through his or her face mask into their mouths.

For the battle continues to go on and as the fight to find a cure as the final knock out for Neiman Picks continues, the countless insights provided by Naomi in her silent persistence of  bravery and gentle smile and curiosity of life.

And as you as her family and friends look on , give them a hand as they may fall down occasionally. Let them know they are loved as they continue to walk along Naomi's path finding the butterflies and promises along the way.
And let them continue on in the rounds of life. Remember Paul's words not to fight without purpose in the air.

The boxer has arisen with wings and now is our victorious angel.
For it is written, the last enemy of death has been defeated.


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ErinKCasey said...

It sounds like she had some very good people in her corner.