Monday, March 11, 2013

Music and Dance and Color

Life is about music and dance. And color.

It was a rough day for me as one of our good friends at church began her perfected journey this weekend towards heaven and left us behind.

Life is short.
In my memoir class on Saturday, we were told to reflect on music and dance.

That very thing that I tend to just put on for a Sunday morning. That Sunday best which gets reserved one time a week. Yet, today I choose to dig out  the cassette player and the tapes.
And listened to some Neil Diamond singing on losing people we love.

I remember how at parties, I have danced and twirled the women that I have danced with.
How fun that can be. Even with the clicking of the fingers out of rhythm. It is just getting on that dance floor. And interacting with the beautiful colors of the women that I dance with.

Our nation is a melting pot of different cultures and each day, we wear and carry a melting pot with tremendous fragrances and colors--a tapestry that is unlike any other.

Yet tragically, I forget to look at that melting pot and embrace it. I sometimes fail to put a little bit of myself into someone else's melting pot to give it life and flavor and love.

And in less than 3 weeks, we are going to remember how Jesus took the life from his veins and gave us a living transfusion. A transfusion that is going to bring about change. 
Even thought the prick of that needle will hurt some.

So, Jeannie, I am putting some color on this page and thank you for your journey through this life!!!  May you be blessed in the presence of Jesus forever!!!


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Tina Samples said...

Thank you for your thoughts on this. The "melting Pot" - I love the way Jesus embraced others, walked among us, yet did not conform to the world.

Thanks -

Tina Samples said...

Hello Triumph

Thank you for those thoughts. The "melting pot" - I love the way Jesus embraced us, walked among us, but did not conform to the world.