Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Sounds of Silence

Happy New year of 2013 from the roost of Triumph.

This past year it seems has barely had enough triumph. There have been pockets of it but it has been a rough one for the East Coast with Super Storm Sandy and Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Yet out of this silence has come love for one another.

It has been a hard year at times for me as I have been having some trouble finding the exact path to follow and go along.  I at times have struggled to listen to you, Lord.  I have wanted to go the path that I have chosen.  Lord, I hope that some good may come from those ventures.

I am told that I have a lot to offer you and have many talents.

As I watched the beautiful film, "Children of a Lesser God" I discovered that silence while somewhat awkward can be golden. But what I also seem to understand now is that it has to be a place where communication and understanding can happen for us to move forward.

That is what politicians do and those who are in relationships.

And that is what God did in the very beginning of the creation.  With the spoken word, you brought the marvelous universe into being. And with your breath, you created mankind.

And during the era before you became universal to all mankind and could be seen, you spoke through the prophets and special one on ones with special men like Moses.
And you created 400 years of silence when the office of the prophets closed down and a little reorganization took place.

And then you sent angels to announce the arrival of your Son Jesus to the world.

Oh Lord, help us to hear your voice this year and listen to it and understand it.
To speak and demonstrate your love.
So that you don't go silent any more.

Happy New Year. I am back to bless this world again. For it needs it more than ever before!!!

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