Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tall Tales of the City

The tall tales. Buildings are often neglected in the world and can be passed by without an intimate conversation about it. These structures are often poked and prodded as they get built. The construction workers pound on the structure and the soot of the city saturates the buildings and can make it unclear for the building to see correctly. This is where the visit to the eye doctor would come in very handy. But it would require there to be a VERY BIG eye doctor to examine these buildings. Kind of tough to get a visit with it. Imagine a coworker coming into work one day and finding a big gaping hole in the concrete since his or her building was being worked on. And that opthomologist would need a very massive building with very BIG coworkers who would be able to service such a building. Schools would have to be especially designed for these buildings.

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