Thursday, September 01, 2011

Friends are Jewels

For the past few months, I have been blessed to share networking time with a very good friend and I have learned that friends are like jewels that are to be treasured and worn around your neck and held in the heart closely.
Little lessons are learned and reinforced from ones youth. To look at the other person.
To call someone by their name.
To keep pace and do simple things like waiting til the car stops before popping out.
Friends are to nudge and encourage and keep ones path straight.
Friends like these go straight to the core of ones being and fertilize the soil of your heart
for greatness to spring forth.

And that can be a benefit and springing forth a gusher of hope with interviews my way and a confident step to my daily walk.
A motivation to live life to the fullest and this post is dedicated to my special friend on her way to greatness in the world.

Remember to cherish and nurture your friends in all that you do!!!

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Global Nomad said...

Thanks, Scott,

Another excellent creative post. You are right on track that Friends are Jewels.

Kind regards,

Global Nomad