Saturday, April 03, 2010

After a rough nights sleep!!!!

What would it have been like for Jesus to wake up that first Easter morning after having spent a couple of nights in the dungeon of hell. Imagine how it must have felt for the King of Kings to subjected to further suffering and separation from His father so that we may never experience the depth and magnitude of the suffering.

We get glimpses throughout the Bible of that suffering with Jonah in the belly of the Great Fish and with the persecutions of the early Christian church with the martyrs.

It is great to imagine Jesus appearing to His followers that Easter morning after having a few bad nights knowing that those won;t come ever again for Him since He is established in heaven and wanted to reassure His followers that they had a place and seat at His table for the banquet feast and time in paradise after all.

Yet that wait for the banquet feast may take a long time in its coming.

Happy Easter to Everyone!!!!

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David said...

Hello there Scott,

Thanks for your posts. Always refreshing and looking at things in a new way. I enjoy checking them out from time to time.

Look forward to reading more of them.

Be encouraged....