Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Real meaning of Christmas

Winter is here. Even though the date on the calendar says autumn, the stores have winter flakes displayed. Yet, one store in town is somewhat confused when it had its store named, Beach Bum Tanning. What a name for a store.

But onto the real meaning. The cradle of Christ represents the innocence of God and His youth. Of the time of Him growing up. I can't ever imagine God growing up. Since He has always been and will always be.

Desolate and Dark.

And the Cross of Christ consumes His innocence momentarily; only to recapture its glory in its Resurrection;. And to be reborn into the cradle of one's heart at one's conversion.

The white falling snow, a blanket over the darkness,
a sleep that awakens the maidens.

Thank You Jesus for the power of Words and of being the Word when I can barely sleep.

Oh, I'm alone at times without someone at my side. And without someone to hold and kiss. But God I have you. And you make me complete. Even if I ache within me, with a piece or rib that I felt was taken out when you took that rib out of Adam. But what you have taken out of me, whether it was some skill I was supposed to have, I accept. I can relearn whatever you may need in your kingdom on earth.
I thank you, Lord, for making me me. I have a hard times with that. Since I want a perfect world with perfect people. But I am not one of them. Yet, I am thankful for your visit to earth not just on Christmas Eve but on Creation's eve. At the genesis of our new Dawn.

Thanks, Jesus for the power of the Word and of Words.
Of how I can dance with you. And give you the Glory of Life.

For the Power of my mama's knees and tongue. Of your strength to push the on button on me. To move about and change the world even at the odd hour of 1am.

And thanks for the winter snow!!! For Winter Words and the Winter Wonderland that you made through the movie, The Holiday, which I watched in its entirety tonight.

Merry Christmas Earth. Wake up and hear His voice and the Angels.

Now back to sleep for me.

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