Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Patchwork Quilt

The olympics have been going along well and have limited my ability to create posts. I have been watching them from the opening ceremonies, through the dynamic swimming by the American Michael Phelps and the gymnastics anchored by the strength of the american beauties of Shawn Johnson and Nastia Luikin.

Many commentators have brought up the idea of how political the olympic games have become. But for me they can inspire me to become better. to aspire to be someone else. To maybe begin swimming again. Not to reach the prowess of Phelps but maybe to begin something that I dreamt of becoming. Who knows. If taken seriously, it will take a commitment. We will have to see.

Bringing together our nations and each other. Of having one side join the other. Shaking hands before and after the matches are over. To leave the sweat and smiles on the floor-to give it all we have. That is the olympic spirit.

To twirl and to give it our best. To parade through the squares of time and open up a country that had remained closed for a long time.
A chance maybe to open some wounds , to patch together stitches that will heal and mend one another through time.

So let us celebrate what has been accomplished and also celebrate what happens at the paralympics of those with even greater odds.

Just as Jesus defeated the odds of death and came back to life, so we all can face our odds and come back ahead in the end.

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