Saturday, June 30, 2007

Survived VBS

This past week, I took a vacation after working all day to hang out with the 4 year olds to the 5th graders with my local church. I was one of the mad scientists who helped to explain the experiments which we did that demonstrated princiiples that we were teaching the children on having a good flight plan to God. We covered Following, Trusting, Listening , repenting and then Serving. Each time that we mentioned one of these words, we had the children yell, "Lift off." They sure liked doing that as they bounced up and yelled those words.

We got to wear white lab coats which made us look official in our roles. Our locale was called the launch lab. Just as NASA has to rehearse and practice each mission that it undertakes, we had to do the same. We got together several mondays and practiced for an hour each time-trying to get each experiment to work. At the times we were trying to get them to work, we said that some of them were a stretch in trying to convey the point. Yet as I observed and participated in these experiments , some biblical truths did emerge in the process.

The main theme of these times with the children was to allow more of God into our lives and to be on the right path.
These experiments were carried out through the use of balloons. In our practice sessions, Sean, who was one of our leading mad scientists really got into the blowing up of the balloons and letting them fly all over the place. That is definitely what happens to me sometimes as I don't allow myself to be connected to God all that much and let my life fly all over the place.

At the end of this week, I just collapsed and took it easy from being around the children almost 20 HOURS THIS WEEK.
Yet Jesus said "we need to have the heart of little children in order to see God. It will take some time to do rhat since a huge gap of over 30 years exists. Yet as I have just aged one year this week, It has given me a new appreciation of what it is to serve. So Let's lift off and soar to new heights with God once these wings have had some time to heal.

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