Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cleveland Quackers

The topic of Cleveland has come up a little bit in my travels through New England in the past month. At a local retreat, the speaker asked if anyone was from Cleveland. I said I was. Following his talk on his life, he mentioned that we are all made for a purpose. He asked what the function of families held, the function of the universe and he even mentioned what is the function of ducks. I said their role was to quack. Thus a quick way to call myself a Cleveland Quacker who likes to speak what others have said.
My cousin married a fellow from Cleveland and when I was at their reception, I sat with a bunch of people from Cleveland, Ohio. It is a very critical area since that is where I originated on the Columbus day back in 1962. It is also the town where I learned to love to eat noodles which is still one of my passions to love pasta. And it is where I learned to understand at an older age the way the football game is played with four downs for each possession of the ball.
Noodles are a cool invention of food that are flat and they hold their shape no matter how much boiling happens in the water. It is also a good way to get indoctrinated into the world of food. To have a german nana serve me the food I never saw with my adult eyes but have been told the story numerous times.
Our origins are always important places that can connect us to stories told at a sermon or sitting around a table with family and friends.
Go Cleveland Browns which are the same color as ducks-brown!!!!

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