Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The First of the Year

Many firsts are happening at this time of year. My niece started kindergarten. It is neat to see how excited kids can be at the beginning of a new school year as they venture out on new projects in music and art.
My local church just started up its own preschool program which will provide many children similar joys of beginning to learn how to interact with peers their own age.
From my side of life, the mall in milford, Ct is beginning its major expansion that resulted in a rerouting of the bus stop. Just a different pitter patter of footsteps in the morning. A local grocery store is being mega sized this fall.
A nice thing about change is that it will create a different landscape and a new sense of awareness. I like the comfortable stable pattern to life, but the buds of the springtime have to emerge to become leaves. So , we must adapt to our environments to become all that we can become!!!

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